07.07.2024 14:00

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Rope-weaving from plants⎜Kreenholm garden

Rope-weaving from plants⎜Kreenholm garden

Rope-weaving from Local plants

On July 7, at 14:00 everyone is invited for an inclusive master class, which offers participants the opportunity to learn how to weave ropes from plants growing around us.

At the master class we will make ropes using the technique of weaving individual plant fibers. The end result will be the plants artfully woven into a decorative belt inspired by the Estonian traditional “kirivöö”. Riina will teach us weaving techniques and show us how to create a pattern that tells its own story. The final piece will symbolically unite the different cultures of people and nature that coexist and thrive in this place. Through this process of mutual collaboration, participants are given a unique opportunity to reflect on their own origins and the richness of their cultural heritage, as well as gain a unique weaving experience.

Riina Õun is a multi-disciplinary designer and materials researcher behind Riina O brand. With a background in leather accessories from Estonian Academy of Arts, responding to the growing demand for regenerative materials her work expanded into biodesign during Material Futures MA at Central Saint Martins in London.
Riina´s goal is to explore how craft has to adapt to working with bio-materials, aiming to bring the materials out of the experimentation stage into practical use in the industry.