08.05.2024 20:30

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Film “Triangle of Sadness” at Narva Art Residency ⎜ European Day 2024

Film “Triangle of Sadness” at Narva Art Residency ⎜ European Day 2024

Narva Art residency’s (Joala 18) cinema hall Amalie
8 May at 20.30

The high class of film production, the satire-comedy with an absurd atmosphere “The Triangle of Sadness” makes viewers think about the urbanized world around us as well as the strange customs and habits we have become accustomed to. Have we become hopelessly distant from our original self, or is it still within us somewhere? The action follows the cruise of a wealthy group on a luxury yacht, whose alcoholic captain discovers his rebelliousness when a storm arrives and initiates events where the entire social hierarchy is turned upside down and everyone has to rediscover themselves in a new role.

“Triangle of Sorrow” brought Ruben Östlund another prize at Cannes and was chosen as the best European film of 2022. The film is a joint production of Sweden, Germany and Great Britain, France, Greece, Turkey and Denmark.

The film screening is part of the 2024 Europe Day programme in Narva. While the main celebrations are on the 9th of May, the programme of events starts already on the 8th. Before the film start, at 19.30 NART hosts the opening of two exhibitions by artists Liina Siib and Kaisu Koivisto (FIN). Check the full programme of the two days on www.euroopapäev.ee