11.05.2024 16:00

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Evening at the Kreenholm manufactory – performance and burning of handmade bricks

Evening at the Kreenholm manufactory – performance and  burning of handmade bricks

🔥 On Saturday 11th May, at 16:00, you are warmly invited to join two events on the Kreenholm Factory – the brick firing from Pavel Rotts’ exhibition ‘The Matter of Touch’, and the theatrical presentation of the ‘Performative Sculpture Collective’. It will be followed by a barbecue to celebrate the final step of the both projects with you all!The brick firing event is the culmination of the brick making workshops series Pavel held during ‘The Matter of Touch’ exhibition. Brick by brick, the workshop participants collectively recreated the lost pieces of Narva. The firing event will become a metaphorical rebirth of the old Narva walls. After the firing, the bricks will be taken home by participants and will start to live their own lives, meeting new ideas, desires and needs.

The theatrical presentation of the Performative Sculpture Group is lead by artist Chloe Kelly, and involves work from Ira, Irina, Charlotte, Emeii, Anna, Olga, Oxana, Zach and Marika. Using video projection and theatre, they will present their miniature dreamscape model, created using their dreams and memories of the city of Narva.

Important information:

– We will walk together from NART to Kreenholm at 16:00. Please do not be late: this is the only entrance time into the Manufacture.
– Performative Sculpture Group’s presentation: ca. 30 minutes
– Pavel Rotts’ brick firing: until 23:00
– Exiting Kreenholm is possible only when notifying a member of NART.
– There will be some food provided for the barbecue, but please bring your own food to grill and beverages too!