12.01.2024 18:00

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Daria Morozova’s exhibition opening “Become a New”

Daria Morozova’s exhibition opening “Become a New”

12.01 at 18:00
NART, Joala 18

At least 22.5% of the Estonian population speaks Russian. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has confused many native Russian speakers born in Estonia, among others. With such a major change in the mood of society, questions of identity, which had already been a focus of attention, came into even sharper focus. Who am I? Who can I be and who can’t I be?

If one imagines that, given the current situation, it might be possible to give up culture, tradition, the media and everything else associated with the aggressor in one way or another, there is one thing that cannot be got rid of – the mother tongue. The desire to ‘become a new’ is one of the human urges that can arise in very controversial situations. The exhibition begins a dialogue about the impulse to change, the desire to adapt and to change according to the environment. The artist’s approach offers the viewer an understanding of the inner contradictions and tensions that accompany the desire to adapt and change. Through the exhibition, the viewer is invited to reflect on how people react to change, how they adapt and what their limits are in the face of infinite change.
With this exhibition in Narva, Morozova wants to address the identity crisis of Estonian Russians, in the city with the largest Russian population in Estonia. She explores people’s experiences, connections and attitudes towards national identity. The video work in the exhibition will open up to a wider audience the feelings and situations that accompany this sense of belonging.

Daria Morozova (2002) is a member of the Estonian Young Contemporary Art Union (ENKKL) and a painting student at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Her main interests are contemporary issues of Russian ethnicity, focusing on themes such as the language barrier, assimilation and loneliness in the big world. In addition to painting, Daria also uses video as a means of self-expression. Recently, she has participated in exhibitions such as the ENKKL group show “Summer Exhibition” at the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery (2023) and “A Pool with the Moderate Temperature” at the ARS Project Space (2023).