27.01.2024 14:00

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Historical tour in NART – Kreenholm director’s villa

Historical tour in NART – Kreenholm director’s villa

27.01 at 14:00
NART, Joala 18

This Saturday, NART will be opening again the doors to its history! 

Together with Denis Jatsenko we’ve been gathering information about the history of the director’s villa, 18 Joala street. We use not only archives (including the Narva Museum and National Archives) but also the memories and accounts of locals. At various times the building has housed a children’s clubs, a newspaper editorial office, a library, and much more. Dozens of locals of Narva have helped us fill in the blanks in the history of the house. Now we’ll be sharing those stories with you.

14:00 – start in the foyer of NART. Entrance by the museum ticket – 1€. The tour will be held in Russian by NART coordinator Gleb!

Photo by Ikuru Kuwajima