15.01.2024 17:00

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“Abandoned landscapes” presentation

“Abandoned landscapes” presentation

15.01 at 17:00
NART, Joala 18

We invite everyone on 15.01 at 17:00 to the presentation of EKA students about potential solutions to challenges like the enlivenment of a grand industrial landscape of the Kreenholm manufactory, the heritage being the heart of a community, and (re)use of the heritage and the empty factory. Presentations are part of the “Abandoned landscape” course.

Similar workshops have taken place in Kohila paper mill, Peri kolkhoz centre, and Kohtla-Järve industrial areas.

Supervisors are Riin Alatalu, Triin Reidla and Aljona Gineiko EKA cultural heritage and conservation department; Gregor Taul EKA interior design department; Koit Ojaliiv and Andres Ojari EKA architecture and urban planning department and Simo Ilomets Taltech institute of construction and architecture.

Event will be held in Estonian language.