08.05.2024 19:30

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Opening of Liina Siib’s exhibition “Atlas of Amphibian-ness” and Kaisu Koivisto’s exhibition “Passages”

Opening of Liina Siib’s exhibition “Atlas of Amphibian-ness” and Kaisu Koivisto’s exhibition “Passages”

We are glad to welcome all to the opening of the two solo exhibitions on 8 May at 19:30 at the gallery halls of Narva Art Residency. Liina Siib’s “Atlas of Amphibian-ness” tells the story of Narva as an amphibious place. Kaisu Koivisto’s photo-collage exhibition “Passages” shows the spaces of the Kreenholm manufactory with exciting transformations.

Liina Siib lives and works in Tallinn. In her work, Siib uses installation, performance, photography and film. She is interested in people’s everyday practices and social space. She has had 40 solo exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland and Latvia. In 2011, her project “A Woman Takes Little Space” represented Estonia at the 54th Venice Biennale. See more about her exhibition here: https://www.nart.ee/et/naitused/liina-siibs-exhibition-amphibian-atlas/

Kaisu Koivisto is based in Helsinki, Finland. Koivisto’s interests are deeply rooted in the North, its landscapes and political dimensions. Her interest in history has led her to explore abandoned Cold War era military areas in Eastern Europe. Likewise, she has been exploring the industrial spaces. Kaisu Koivisto works across installations, photography, sculptures and video. Read more about Kaisu’s exhibition “Passages” here: https://www.nart.ee/et/naitused/kaisu-koivistus-exhibition-passages/

The opening of the two exhibitions is part of the European Day 2024 programme. Although the main celebrations will take place on 9 May, the events will start the day before, on 8 May. After the opening, the Belgian-French film “Nothing to Declare” (2010), will be screened in the Amalie cinema hall of NART.