Public online lecture series “Insights from artists-in-residence”

In the winter and spring of 2023, Narva Art Residency’s international artists are going to give online lectures to explain, in detail, the practice of a professional artist, what everyday life at an art residency looks like, and how to take part in the opportunities offered. It’s a possibility for the wider English-speaking audience to get to know 6 professional artists and learn their tricks and tips on how to find opportunities to further their careers, what to expect at artist residencies, how to write applications and find funding etc.

There will be a lecture almost every two weeks during the spring months of 2023. The meetings will be on Thursday evenings at 18-19:30. The lectures will run until the middle of May.

The lecture series is broadcasted on the EKA TV webpage –  a platform of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The lectures will also be available to view there later.


16.02 – A lecture by artist-in-residence Emery Hall (US). She is a textile artist from Arizona who is working on a series of fiber-based works, using natural fabrics and locally-sourced dyes. She intends to connect with the city’s history as a textile production hub.

02.03 – A lecture by artist-in-residence Asia Tsisar (UA). She is a curator and researcher who has delved into the concepts of East and West. At NART she will be researching the events of 1991 in Narva.

16.03 – A lecture by artist-in-residence Leri Matehha (EST/GER).  Her residency plan is to research and make a film that examines in a laconic way the awkward relationship of Estonians with Russia. 

13.04 – A lecture by artist-in-residence Mia Tamme (EST/GER). She is a Tallinn-born—often hoovering elsewhere—designer, artistic researcher and film-maker. She plays in the liminal space between fiction, memories, and truth; between the personal and the political.Her aim in Narva is to make a short film that explores the past and present of cinema culture in Narva. 

20.04 – Saara Tuominen (Finland) She is photographic artist from Tampere, Finland. Her background is in photojournalism, and she uses it as a base for her artistic work. Her main form is photo series, and she work with a combination of selfportraits, objects and archives.

04.05 – Kristian Sverdrup (Denmark) was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, and has thus worked in the intersection between science, art and the body. He is a visual artist and sculptor, and will organize workshops that result in a collaborative art piece.