Calendar for events in January

Calendar for events in January

12.01 Friday
18:00 Opening of Marina Noskova’s film installation “7 dreams to my mother” (curator Anita Kodanik) and Daria Morozova’s exhibition “Become a new”

13.01 Saturday
16:00 Opening of exhibition “9 tons of happiness and sadness”  by 9 young artists from Narva (curator Julia Polujanenkova)

15.01 Monday
18:00 “Abandoned landscapes” – EKA students’ presentations on industrial landscapes

20.01 Saturday
11:00 “Narva – an art book” – first meeting from the series of workshops for youth by Ukrainian-German artist Masha Pryven
15:00 Panel discussion “Creative approaches to borders” by Tallinn University, moderatedby Aleksandra Ianchenko

25.01 Thursday
18:00 Open discussion “How to show something that is not there?” as part of the “Narva Wooden Baroque II” project by Narva Museum

27.01 Saturday
11:00 “Narva – an art book” – second workshop by artist Masha Pryven
14:00 Historical tour in NART, the Kreenholm director’s villa