Vineta Gailite | Kreenholm Plants

19.07 – 31.07.2021

Vineta Gailite is a designer, originally from Daugavpils, Latvia and living between Manchester and her grandparents farm in rural Latvia. She has an MA of Design from Manchester School of Art, specialising in illustration and collaborative community arts and had been running workshops and creative classes since 2004. She has worked as a professional seamstress for tailored waterproof canvas covers for yurts, setting up yurt-campsites and doing private commissions. Currently she is working in textile crafts. 

Self-taught in permaculture design, theory and practice, she has established a small permaculture group in Manchester to teach regenerative agriculture, writing weekly lectures on how large-scale rural permaculture can be adapted to smaller private urban settings as well as the general understanding about permaculture design and how to apply it practically in daily life.

During her stay in Narva Vineta will build a movable and foldable outdoor geodome structure in the garden that can be used in versityle ways: as shelter, sauna, green-house or just trellis for climbing plants. She will use compostable, mostly locally-sourced materials.

She will also share her knowledge and skills through open workshops, teaching participants the basics of building a shelter from biodegradable materials using principles of self-supporting frame. 

Vineta Gailite | Kreenholm Plants

Vineta Gailite | Kreenholm Plants

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