Tetiana Pavliuk and Irena Tischenko (Ukraine)

01.09 – 23.09.2024


Irena and Tetiana are Ukrainian artists who have been collaborating since 2020.

They work with themes of post-totalitarian society, collective memory and urban environment in the mediums of digital photography, video and installation. Together Irena and Tetiana have created several projects as well as solo exhibitions that explore post-totalitarian society. Their favourite and least favourite word is — Anthropocene.


There were times in Ukraine’s history when the country had its well-developed signal system — a network of so-called beckets — simple wooden towers with barrels of resin hidden under them. Seeing the enemy army, the watchmen burned a barrel of tar and this signal enabled common people to hide and the warriors to prepare for a battle.

Their project is called “The Watchtower”. At the Narva Residency, they want to reproduce the very core symbolic part of military signalling, which reminds them of the importance of being prepared for an attack.

Tetiana Pavliuk and Irena Tischenko

Tetiana Pavliuk and Irena Tischenko