Ola Grudzińska (poland)

17.07 – 30.07.2023

// BIO

As an artist she works within various artistic genres: painting, graphics, textiles, sculpture, installations, scenography. She is very close to using materials that are rather overlooked in art, such as human hair or stones with fossils found by the sea. She likes to work in existing spaces, reflecting on their meaning. The thematic areas that interest her the most are: man, portrait, memory, journey, silence, paradox and absurdity.


She is the painter, illustrator, she also creates various spatial forms, especially using fabrics. She will place anti-aircrafts missles in Narva, inspired by the accident that took place in Polad last year. Then two stray rockets exploded in Poland, killing two people. At the moment she is in the process of cutting more rockets from old but colorful clothes. Estonia is like a dream place for her. Arvo Pärt and Jüri Tuulik are artists who are particularly close to her. She sees this place partly through the prism of their work.

Collaborative project together with Julia Łukasiak

In Narva, Ola will work together wit the artist Julia Łukasiak. Julia creates landscape paintings and prints showing the eroding fragility of the mountains. Sensitive to the natural environment , she realized several project on the sustainability in the high school 2SLO in Warsaw, where she teaches visual arts.

Ola Grudzińska

Ola Grudzińska