Natasha Shalina (Russia)

09.03 – 27.03.2022


I am a professional artist. I graduated from the art college and graphic faculty of the pedagogical university. I work with different materials and in different types of visual art. I prefer to experiment and change as I achieve results in previous practices. Today I am interested in painting on large pieces of old fabrics.


legends. I want to make wooden sculpture objects from vintage boards, pieces of furniture. Man, Beasts and Birds. Their interaction, struggle, love, hate. The created works will be collected into the installation. I am planning to work in an open workshop. At the appointed time, anyone can take part in the work on the objects. These works will also be included in the installation. I can give master classes to children with disabilities.


Natasha Shalina

Natasha Shalina

Artist, sculptor, installer, art teacher