Maria Kapajeva (Estonia)

22.01 – 29.12.2023

Born in the Soviet Union, raised in an independent Estonia and educated in the UK, Maria has found herself in an involuntary position of ‘the other’. A position, She’s embraced and employed as datum in her artistic practice, leads her to explore a diverse spectrum of cultural identity and gender issues within historical and contemporary contexts. Focusing on women’s position in contemporary society, as an artist she aims to question how identities are formed via the subconscious effects of advertising, movies and popular media.

A perpetual state of continuous transition, such as from Soviet to post-Soviet or from being young to middle-aged, serves as constant inspiration.

During the residency, she will develop new work looking at the complex histories of the borderlands through the histories of her family, her own today’s narratives and the stories which are available to find in the archives and through the interviews with other local people. The project is a long-term one with a few different stages.

Maria Kapajeva

Maria Kapajeva