Ledia Kostandini (Albania)

01.07 – 31.08.2024


Ledia is an Albanian artist based in Tirana. She graduated from the University of Arts, Tirana, her practice spans diverse media, including installation, public intervention, photography, painting, illustration etc.

Her works refer to social transformations, the inherited or lost culture. She draws inspiration from the layering of time, experiences, and traces people leave behind. She has a special interest in architectural forms and random urban elements that manifest social behaviour in the public space. She looks for transversal meanings of things around her, questioning, prodding and teasing their connotations.

She often uses her artwork as an instrument to go back and forth in time. She turns memories and life experiences into a pathway to different considerations. Her interest in exploring various material expressions has led her to a wide range of technical solutions.


“Architextile / Fabrica Fantasia” is a project proposal located outside the Kreenholm building.

It draws inspiration and pays tribute to the captivating history of the textile industry, associated with this place. This artwork is foreseen as an ongoing exploration in the field, followed by a whimsical working process that involves a large public.

A big-scale textile installation will cover part of the wall’s surface. It is made of numerous fabric pieces of mixed patterns, stitched together. The project embraces and embodies different aspects of the surroundings, such as the mosaic-like composition (similar to the Kreenholm window cases) and the colour palette extracted from the same context. The full piece will result in a compelling massive textile that disguises some part of the facade, but still resembles an abstract image of the architecture. Seen from a distance, it will appear as a pixelated massive screen made of fabric. Thereby a new, “digital portrayal” of the facade will wave on its surface.

Ledia Kostandini

Ledia Kostandini