Kristiin Hanimägi and Joel Freeman (Estonia, USA)

08.05 – 30.06.2024


Kristiin Hanimägi is an experimental photographer living in Tallinn where she works at the National Heritage Board of Estonia as an archivist. She teaches film photography and darkroom processes at TYPA Letterpress and Paper Art Centre.  She is a member of a performance group and studies Visual Communication at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Joel Freeman is an artist and art worker living in Los Angeles, California. His art practice engages with the instability of meaning held in the material of our built spaces, be it through the meticulous observation of a crumbling brick wall, the removal of a monument, or a boarded-over building covered in wheatpaste posters. He teaches bookbinding at a neighbourhood arts nonprofit.


Their project aims to research collective memory and the meaning of heritage in Narva through its living architecture. We will learn about the history of the city’s neighbourhoods and create a camera obscura in one of its old buildings as an opportunity to connect with the site through a surreal theatre experience; inside, the audience will see their public space made into a strange moving image as it projects mirrored and upside down across the darkened room. We will invite the public into the camera obscura to think about what connects their memory to the buildings we live in and capture these expressions of collective memory through analogue photography processes.

Kristiin Hanimägi and Joel Freeman

Kristiin Hanimägi and Joel Freeman