Kädi Talvoja (Estonia)

26.12 – 21.01.2024

// BIO

Kädi Talvoja is an art historian, working as a research fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Her academic interests revolve around the art and art historiography of the Soviet era in Estonia as well as the art communication between the Baltic states during the late soviet period.


The residency would allow her to fulfil a long-standing dream of getting to know Narva and its nearby cities more thoroughly – to spend a longer period immersed in the densely layered Soviet-era contexts of the region. Also, she will explore the collections of the Narva Museum to make a first mapping of the works of the artists who worked in the city during the Soviet era but have been left out of the art history so far. The main purpose of her stay at NART is to complete a chapter for Volume 7 of „The History of Estonian Art“. The objective of the chapter is to provide an overview of the most significant exhibitions covering the Soviet period from the late 1980s until the completion of the permanent exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum in 2006.

Kädi Talvoja

Kädi Talvoja