Josefina Mellado 15.10-30.11 (Chile)

15.10 – 30.11.2024


Josefina Mellado is a visual artist from Chile, currently based in Santiago. She works primarily with installation and explores the relationship between painting and architecture.   

In 2019, Chile experienced a series of intense riots and social upheaval, during which the feminist movement played a pivotal role. Since then, Josefina has been focusing on building spaces with a hyper-feminine approach and exploring concepts often overlooked in architecture due to their association with femininity, such as colour, decoration, and domesticity. 


During her residency in Nart, Josefina plans to dig deeper into the relationship between self-care and politics as she is currently developing a project about healing in politically unstable contexts. The project called “How to Make a Bomb at Home”, is a lecture/performance where she discusses her knowledge of healing strategies, she imagines this project as a Coven, highly inspired by “Caliban and the Witch”, where Silvia Federici explains that during the Inquisition, women were expropriated of their empirical knowledge about herbs and remedies, as a way to oppress women. 

Josefina Mellado 15.10-30.11

Josefina Mellado 15.10-30.11