Joann Lee & Younggon Kim (South Korea, Austria)

01.07 – 29.08.2024

Team 2054 consists of the duo artist Joann Lee and Younggon Kim, formed in early 2023. 

Joann Lee graduated in painting (BA) in Seoul, South Korea and completed her studies in time-based and interactive media arts (BA) at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria. Currently, she is studying a Master degree in Interface Culture at the same university, focusing mainly on user-based interactive art. Younggon Kim finished Bachelor Degree in ceramic art in Seoul, South Korea and is now studying sculpture ceramics (MA) at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria. 

Team 2054’s primary theme centers around the imperfections of communication. The majority of their works take on forms that encourage user participation. They approach communication from a unique perspective, combining various art genres, particularly at the intersection of sculpture and media art. 

Their first exhibition took place at the Ars Festival 2023 in Linz, where they showcased interactive installation, artist performance, and interactive sculpture. They are recently continuing their work on the ‘Illusion of Communication’ series. In October 2023, they are invited to participate in the PUSH UX exhibition in Munich.

During their residency in NART they’ll be creating an interactive sculpture using songs of the Estonian Singing Revolution. Their main theme is communication, through which they will explore ‘contact with others, holding hands,’ so called ‘using tactile sensations’ as a mean of communication. This will allow users to share a sense of connection and a shared experience from the past indirectly.

Joann Lee & Younggon Kim

Joann Lee & Younggon Kim


Joann Lee

Younggon Kim