Maarja Nuut | IDA Radio & NART sound residency

31.08 – 09.09.2019

In September 2019 IDA Radio and Narva Art Residency host a first collaborative international sound residency for musicians, music producers and sound artists coming from the Baltic States and United States of America.

Cameron Stallones (USA) and Maarja Nuut (EST) will spend 10 days in the Narva Art Residency house with music engineer Jackson Bailey who is taking care of the studio, machinery and recording. The artists will spend time together in the studio and share their creative processes and experiences.

Maarja Nuut is a singer, violinist and a determined experimenter, someone who seeks a personal fusion between the musical traditions of long-lived times and new technologies. She’s known for utterly compelling, often hypnotic performances filled with quirky and haunting storytelling about death and the landscape.

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Project is supported by the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF).

Maarja Nuut | IDA Radio & NART sound residency

Maarja Nuut | IDA Radio & NART sound residency

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