Augustas Lapinskas (Lithuania)

26.05 – 24.06.2024

Augustas Lapinskas is an architect and interdisciplinary artist from Lithuania. He has participated in Ars Electronica, the Venice Biennale etc, co-founded the interdisciplinary art collective “Micro-Empathy”, and is a member of the speculative architecture group “3022”.

His installation “Tuhast” (From the Ashes) won the Narva urban installation residency (NAIR) competition. The installation will bring a piece of the oil-shale history to the centre of Narva city. Augustas makes use of the leftover ashes which can be seen stored in man-made mountains all over Ida-Viru county. During the experimental progress of the installation, the author will investigate how to create something new from oil shale ash. He will turn it into innovative concrete which will be inhabited by different local lichens and plants. The project is supported by Narva city, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Ministry of culture, the Lithuanian Council for Culture, environmental education collective “Micro-Empathy” and local institutions like the Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale

Augustas Lapinskas

Augustas Lapinskas