Andries de Lange (Germany)

15.10 – 30.11.2024


Andries De Lange is a social designer, and craftsman based in Berlin, who combines and activates collaborative design, practical learning, and social methods to bring awareness about consumption, waste, upcycling, and contemporary community subjects. He believes that designing and building is a way of connecting people, ecosystems, and social issues in a critical, and progressive way. For him, to design is to build a more emphatic future for humans, and non-humans, based on local materials and non-extractivist practices, that can regenerate different layers of society, through ecological, cultural, and joyful approaches.


Andries intends to immerse himself in Narva’s history, discovering artefacts, analyzing connections, and engaging with the surrounding environment. He is particularly interested in exploring the matter of the Kreenholm factory and incorporating it into his research.

Narva offers an opportunity to explore the interplay of cultures. He hopes to engage with the local community to understand how their backgrounds shape the city’s identity. He’s planning to activate neglected urban spaces, foster connections, strengthen bonds and revitalise these areas through public space activations.

Throughout the residency, he will also document the transformative journey, facilitating dialogues and actions with the community to ensure their voices are an integral part of the project.

Andries de Lange

Andries de Lange