Andréa Stanislav (usa)

01.12 – 31.12.2023


Andréa Stanislav is based in New York City, and splits her practice between St.Petersburg, Russia and Bloomington, IN. Ms.Stanislav’s hybrid practice spans sculpture, immersive multimedia installation, video and public art.


She would plan to work on two connected projects. The first would be the evolution and full multi-language translation of her 2022 project residency project — Заграница (Over the Border), including further interviews with Ukrainian refugees who have resided in Estonia the past year, and the shared documentation of their smart phone archives which became an unexpected focus within the video’s narrative. She learned that for many Ukrainian refugees their smart phone images were greatly cherished as the only visual evidence of their past life and memories in Ukraine. The additional material would also complete two additional video channels for the overall video installation.

Additional editing would also include further scenes from interviews with a group of 80 – 90 year old Estonian and Russian women in Kohtla-Nōmme, post production 3- D animation, and the completion the full translation of the video in Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian and English. The fully translated version of the video has been invited to exhibit at the Kohtla-Nōmme Culture Center, working with local resident Mart Niineste, rock musician, producer and writer.

Andréa Stanislav

Andréa Stanislav