Emery Hall (USA)

14.01 – 05.03.2023

// BIO

Emery Hall is a textile artist from Arizona. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2020 with degrees in both Traditional Textiles and Sculpture. Since then Emery works professionally on large-scale public art. Between commissions, she travels internationally to attend residencies, honing her knowledge of traditional techniques and to further her practice. Before arriving as the Textiles Fellow at the Peters Valley School of Craft, Emery was an ERASMUS+ Fellow at the National University of Art In Iasi, Romania.


Attending the NART residency, She will connect with other resident artists and the local community in a number of ways, culminating in a series of fiber-based works tentatively titled, Ephemerality of Thread. By using natural fabrics and locally-sourced dyes, She intends to connect with the city’s history as a textile production hub. To contextualize her work as an American artist in Estonia She will take inspiration from the surrounding architecture to influence color and structure, connect with the community to discover cultural perceptions and values first-hand as inspiration for visual dialogue, and find the things that local individuals overlook for an underlying connection of ephemerality. She will visually present the findings of these three missions in the form of wall hangings and geometric structures ranging from small half meter squares to 2.5m wide works.

Emery Hall

Emery Hall