Elizabeth Guerrero | Venice (Mexico/Netherlands)

15.08 – 05.09.2022

Elizabeth Guerrero is Resident of the NART Embassy in Narva Venice. She is a researcher, radio and sound maker, based in Mexico City and Amsterdam. Her work is focused on site specific art and sound projects that are community based. Her interest is centered in the intersection of oral narratives, meaning making, heritage, and memory as related to sound and storytelling.

At NART Embassy in Narva Venice she prepared “Sound Journey on Water”. It is a tour through the sounds and stories of “Narva Venice”. Elizabeth has collected the sounds of “Narva Venice” both above and below the water, as well as interacting with many locals, collecting their thoughts and stories about the place and making them into an extraordinary sonic adventure.

Listen to the sound journey “A Summer Day in Kulgu” made by Elizabeth Guerrero https://on.soundcloud.com/bKbn

Elizabeth Guerrero | Venice

Elizabeth Guerrero | Venice