Aleksandra Ivantsova (Russian)

17.04 – 24.04.2022

// BIO

Aleksandra Ivantsova, artist, born in 1983, Sillamae, Estonia. Currently based in St.-Petersburg. Graduated from Russian State Humanitarian Institute (Historical and Archival Institute), Faculty of Art Studies, specialization «Stone and Architecture restoration”. Had solo exhibition «21 pictures and 21 stories» (watercolor), gallery of the Narva Art Museum (2008), and solo exhibition ‘’city inside’’, (watercolour city pleinair), Gallery no._83, abandoned foil factory, St.-Petersburg (2021).


I paint.. ..anywhere and what I want to see. I paint in watercolors on the street, in the subway, at a construction site, in the basement, at night (at night in the basement too!). One problem that interests me today is a series of works that I connect with time, space and my thoughts and signs.


Very interesting and difficult time. I liked to work a lot…with hard thoughts and in a short time.

Working in unusual new conditions always gives new ideas. New painting situations for future.
In a series of pleinair during the residence, I refer to my favorite urban situations and the series I started earlier. Not everything worked out but I continue to think further.

Once I returned to the residence after a night plein air — the whole house was filled with quiet music from nowhere, there were incredible shadows on the wall. Pure magic.

Aleksandra Ivantsova

Aleksandra Ivantsova

watercolour painting, contemporary plein air