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Reconfiguring Territories Spring School. OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

Reconfiguring Territories Spring School.  OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

(Re)configuring Territories Spring School 2022

“Speculative Educational Institutions and Cities of the Near Future”

With Linda Boļšakova METASITU (Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina) and Ingrid Svanfeldt
June 13–19, 2022 at Narva Art Residency.


June 13–19, 2022 at Narva Art Residency. The due date for the Spring School applications is April 25, 23:59 (EEST), 2022.


How do journalists circumvent restrictions on press freedom? How do architects work in areas with shrinking populations? How to collaborate with plants? Among other things, these issues will be addressed at a spring school on the Estonian-Russian border. The Spring School is part of the (Re)configuring Territories research programme, where young architects, designers, artists and journalists develop a political imagination in the midst of social, ecological and technological change. The spring school will be held in the city of Narva, on the border between Estonia and Russia, at the Narva Art Residency.


This year’s Spring School will consist of three overlapping workshops which together form a School for Speculative Environmental Education.


Seeds, Pollen, Future workshop led by Linda Boļšakova will explore the thermodynamic reincarnation in which we have been configured from that which has come “before” us and reconfigured into future beings. Participants will gather pollen and share seeds, flesh out speculative stories, predict the future and engage in intimate connection-building practices of contact improvisation and ecosexual prompts.


In the Tactics for Freedom of Speech workshop led by journalist Ingrid Svanfeldt, we will look at freedom of speech and the role of media as an infrastructure forming societies and constructing inter-territorial roles and positions. In the workshop, we will learn and draft practices that can be used in conditions where freedom of expression is limited. The workshop will focus on examples from Belarus, also looking at the challenges journalists and media face elsewhere, like in Narva. 


In the Modelling Urban Degrowth workshop led by METASITU, we will work on a collective model to express notions of urban degrowth for which we -as of yet- lack words. Departing from the Degrowth Manual’s three chapters – Cartography, Memory, Future – we will explore the material aspects of each layer, taking the city of Narva as the focus of the discussion.

The spring school will open more widely to the local public as an event on Saturday 18 June. The Spring School workshops will share glimpses of the processes and findings they have made during the week in Narva. In previous years, events have included a short documentary film made during the week, cycling tour around the future of Narva, and a dinner of local food history and participants’ local stories.


Spring School registration fee, 50€, covers a workshop, vegan meals, and dormitory-style accommodation at the residency. Fifteen participants will be selected for the spring school through an open application. The due date for the Spring School applications is April 25, 23:59 (EEST), 2022. The final selection is announced by May 1st. 


Apply to the spring school by providing short answers to the questions below. Send your answers to:

1. PERSONAL INFO (3 questions)

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2. WORKSHOP INFO (2 questions)

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  1. Seeds, Pollen, Future workshop with Linda Boļšakova 
  2. Tactics for Freedom of Speech workshop with Ingrid Svanfeldt
  3. Modelling Urban Degrowth workshop with METASITU

How do you relate to the topic of the spring school and/or the workshop that interests you?


How would you describe your relationship with Narva?
How would you travel to Narva? 

4. OTHER INFORMATION (2 questions) 

How did you hear about the Spring School?
Anything you would like to ask us?

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More information

(Re)configuring Territories is a three-year programme (2019, 2021—2022) organized jointly by the Finnish Institute in Estonia, Narva Art Residency and Trojan Horse. The program is supported kindly by the Kone Foundation. The three-year project consists of an annual Spring School, a live action role-play and research residencies located in the city of Narva, in Eastern Estonia.