Daria Akimova (Russia)

15.11 – 01.01.2023


Daria Akimova is an artist and curator. Born in Rybinsk, Russia in 1992. Lives in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tbilisi (Georgia)


My project is related to explore the practice of parenting through making art and making art through parenting. It will aim to create a comfortable safe space for women with children who feel isolated while taking care about their children and may be excluded from social and cultural life.

Format: depending on the epidemiological conditions. At the main stage, daily meetings of the formed group are supposed. Each meeting will include communication and practice + optional tasks for the week and their analysis, the second part would be a lecture. Theoretical part: аnalysis of practices based on the experience of parenting or observation of forms of interaction (children – adults, children with each other, the inner child and the inner adult).


Daria Akimova

Daria Akimova

Photography, video, sound, found footage, installation